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Looking for Excadrill

Trading Name: SMonarch09

Offer: Anything

Request: Adamant or jolly Excadrill

Further info:

can i see what you can offer

what do you want

can’t i just see your offers

i have a delta crustle
delta ambipom
delta grimer

do you have any legends or perfect nature mons

yeah I have adamant nature larvitar
and charmander

do you have any mega stones


ok, i can give the excadrill for the charmander with a iv stone

but it will be a drillbur and you have to wait a min for me to catch it

My bad just opened the game don’t have a charmander

ok then ig the larvitar

I don’t have an iv stone

a man with a shuckle in roggan town has one

Okay i will message you when i get one ok

this ok

which ability

sand rush

hey just found it