Looking for eviolite (shiny drowzee)

Trading Name: CronosD10

Offer: shiny drowzee, delta pidgey and scither

Request: eviolite

Further info:brave, bashful, jolly

@Famousinho1 I have a eviolite

Wanna trade?

I’d prefer if you hosted the trade

What pokemon you want?

I hope this is not asking for much… but since you probably have a delta ditto, could you breed a delta froakie for me?
Any nature, it just have to be male
(But a sp.atk boosting nature would be cool)

sorry I don’t have a delta frokie

could I have the shiny drowzee

my trade name is Kryptxnxte


Are you online?

yes im ready whenever you are

it says your not online

? But I am, I send you the trade request

try to reload game

When I send you the trade request, it seems to work.
The screen keeps the colorful background

could you try to make a new trade name

and try to sent a trade request to me

My new name is cronoscronos