Looking for deltas I missed

Trading Name: riddlex

Offer: any delta I have (which is almost all of them)

Request: delta aipom, delta seedot

Further info: I accidentally murdered both aipom and seedot, :sob: other than those three, i have all deltas except the legendaries, battle frontiers, and soaring ones. as I have ditto, I’m also more than willing to trade something over, get an egg, and send you your delta back. I really want to finish my delta collection

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Sure. Would you be available to trade in 10 hours?

Absolutely! Thank you so much!

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Hewo again. Here are your mons!
P.S I can also trade now if you’re here kek

Ah sorry I’m here now! What would you like me to send back?

Nothing really. Just get 2 random mons and trade them to me

Also , forgot to say, my trade name is Kafkinos

ok! I’m ready whenever you are

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Alright, I’mma send dat trade request

Interrupt the trade



you’re an angel thank you so much !!

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Ur welcome.

Grape the angel :sparkling_heart:


I also need Delta Aipom… anyone willing to trade?

Note that I’m not that far in the game since I just killed that poor pkm…

Sure, I’ll breed one for you later

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