Looking for delta starters!

Trading Name: ChuBaccaTheGod

Offer: delta dwebble.

Request: Delta starters

Further info:

Do u have any other delta?

The only other delta I have is delta Grimer.

I just got delta aipom if you want that?

Umm if u got any other delta’s do msg me :slight_smile:

I can give you the starters, free of cost.

Thanks let me know when you want to trade?

I can do it now.

Ok. I’m logging in

Actually, just wait ten more minutes, then I’ll have them for you.

Ok. Thanks.

Do u want any other delta? :slight_smile:

What others do you have? I don’t want to take too much. I just started the game so they would have to be low leveled. I’m on second gym.

Hmm… I think I can give you quite a powerful one, but it’ll start at level one. Do you want it?


Ok, no problem :)))

I’m ready to trade!

Ok. I’m ready to

What’s your username?

UHashmi, I think.