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Looking for Delta Squirtle

Trading Name: pikanyantac

Offer: Shiny Koffing/Shiny Charizard, or a delta ralts

Request: A delta Squirtle

Further info: If you were wondering, Damian glitched out after I talked to him in erebus and didn’t give me the starter egg.

Is this fine?

I just have a question. Is the trade name your actual trainer name or is it the friend safari name?

can i have mightyena instead? like normal mightyena. its for my dex

Im from the Philippines so Philippine Standard Time (GMT+8) Im available at 9pm - 1am (GMT+8)

Sorry, I managed to trade with someone else, but if you need mightyena then you can find him in the friend safari. TemperedTyrant is the base name I think

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