Looking for delta snoring or deino

Trading Name: KingGhidorah

Offer: whatever I can give

Request: delta snorunt or deino

Further info: I’m playing through for the first time and would like to use some of the delta Pokémon, but some of them are very late game. If anyone has any breedjects they would be willing to give I would really appreciate it! I don’t have much to offer unfortunately but I can try to give something if you would like

You got any IV stones ? :))

I’ll check

Yeah I have one IV stone

You good w that for a modest d snorunt? Also lmk male or female :))

I think I’ll be ok honestly, I was kinda hoping for deino

Normal deino? Or delta? (I got a completed dex so I can do that, I just don’t have a good natured d deino lol)

I was looking for a delta deino, I don’t mind if it’s not a perfect nature

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