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Looking for Delta Scraggy or Delta Phantump

Trading Name: peter

Offer: Lucario or iv stones

Request: Delta Scraggy or Phantump

Further info: My hidden grottos for Murk Forest and Mount Rose are broken, so the pokemon will not spawn. The only rare pokemon I have, aside from deltas, is lucario, so its the best I can offer. I really need these two mons to complete my delta pokedex, thanks!!!

i can do both for 2 stones. gimme a sec to find em in my pc

Uhh I’m actually busy rn, can we trade tmrw, around 1 hr before this time?

Oh and also, I only have 1 iv stone, but im willing to trade it for either one of them.

no prob, im in ET so tmrw actually works better for me.

also no prob, i’m good with that. i think you’d prefer the adamant phantump as its a more competitive mon than scraggy. also, if no one offers for the other one, you can just hmu when you find another stone youre willing to trade :))

Ok thx!

I forgot to ask, what’s your IGN?

hulaunicorns :))

lmk when ur ready!

Is rn okay for you?

Oh and I’m pretty sure my online username is peterhaha, not peter.

I’m ready when you are.

aie was out washing the car sry

i’m ready. hows this?

Yea thats good

cool, im online now if ur ready

Yea I’ve typed ur name in

got it? and thanks man :))

Thanks I got it too.

ayy pleasure doing business w ya, and lmk if you still need the d. scrag later :))

Yea ok

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