Looking for delta scraggy and delta chinchou

Trading Name: peterhaha

Offer: 1 IV stone

Request: d. scraggy & d. chinchou

Further info: My hidden grottos are glitched, so I’m unable to get these two deltas to complete my delta pokedex. Their IV’s and natures don’t matter, since I can just breed them. Thx!

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how far in the game are they?

my price is borrowing a delta ditto in another save file is that ok? (if not i’ll take the iv stone)

Delta scraggy is in murk forest (right before hekate city and fiery caverns), and delta chinchou is in the cortisol road (in the dream realm). I would let you borrow my d. ditto, but I’m doing a bunch of delta breeding rn, so I’d rather pay with an iv stone. Thanks!

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alr then, can i borrow it to breed those two tho? probably in 5 days i’ll be ready to give it.(bc of hw)

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Kk, when can you trade for the d. ditto?

keep it till i get those two

Oh ok

I’ll make a comment so the topic doesn’t close

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yeah sorry i think i can get there on about monday or so

Yea ur good, take ur time

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