Looking for delta Riolu

Someone have a delta riolu for trading??

What are you offering for one?

A feraligtr or a delt Grimer

Do you have a Delta Squirtle?

Nah :v

Any preferred nature?

RenElite I have Delta Squirtle

What do you want in return?

Nope,just a delta Riolu

Gimme a few minutes to breed it. I don’t really need anything in return so you can trade me any trashmon. :slight_smile:

Are you able to trade now?

Yes I am. Sorry for the late reply, been busy playing Insurgence.

Lol I was referring to @Boio, but if you want I can give you a Delta Squirtle too.

I thought it was me. Sorry about that. :smile:

No prob. :slight_smile:

yeah(sorry for late reply,playing insurgence too much)

My trade name is IcePrime, tell me when to go and also your trade name.

Go now,my name is Taiki

Er let’s try that again

Sorry,I forgot putting feraligatr in my team