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Looking for delta ralts/ delta combee

Trading Name: lyo11

Offer: delta metagross (ruin)/delta bulbasaur 5iv (with iv stone or rare candy)

Request: delta ralts/ delta combee

Further info: i accidentally kill them but i want to complete the pokedex


I have both if you want them.

I also have them both but they are both female. Are you okay with that?

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yes of course, no problem

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if you’re ready just tell me

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I will be ready in an hour

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ok :wink:

what do you prefer metagross/bulbasaur

I have both. So i do not think I need them. If you can give me 2 Iv stones, that would be nice.

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ok let start trading

Ok. Let me just get the pokemon and you get trashmons.

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Hey. Ok. i will get ready in a min

Hey. So I messed up big time with the Hidden grotto so it may take me a while. But I can give you the ralts now. So can you trade rn for ralts?

yes of course, i’m online now

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Trading name is same as username here.

sorry i forgot to bring them

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Ok. tell me when you are ready.

ok thanks, yes i get it

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Didyou get it?

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