Looking for Delta Purrloin, Pikachu, and Phantump

Trading Name: Fairymade

Offer: I’m early game and doing a monotype run, so i don’t really have anything…but i could maybe do a shiny hunt later in the game, I do that sometimes

Request: Illusion Delta Purrloin, Overcoat Delta Phantump, or Gale Wings Delta Pikachu

Further info: They don’t need to have good natures, but ivs have to at least be 10 each

I’ll do the Purrloin and phantump for the shiny hunting services

it won’t be immidiately, i don’t have any badges yet, im asking because i want to use them…but still depends, what shinies you want? if i can access them, i’ll try to work on it

I mean they’re almost all deltas, so in return if you need more mons later I can help you in return for you hunting a delta, but the one I want is post fifth gym so just play the game for now.

k, so i’ll see if i can get on when you’re on sometime, btw the delta purrloin is priority, followed by Delta Pikachu, then Delta Phantump…unless ya get a snow warning one, then i really need it for weather disruption vs orion

i can do the pilachu if u want

I’ll get you both phantums and the Purrloin

what for?

second thought, dont need phantumps, tho i do want to use one

Ok. If you need anything later I’ll get you it.

k bai for now

you’ve just made a grave mistake lmao

Emerald, i’m online, you good for a trade?

No, check back in an hour

dont have an hour i dont think

Emerald, you on?

I’ll tell you when I can do it

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