Looking for Delta Larvesta

Trading Name: tiagao

Offer: anything i can find (only 4 badges in)

Request: Delta Larvesta

Further info: Was really looking forward to having a delta Larvesta/Volcarona on my team before realizing it was post game. Would really appreciate anyone who could throw one my way. Not really particular about natures or anything, preferably one that doesn’t lower special atk but not a big deal either way.

I can make you a d. larvesta egg, would you be willing to trade me an IV stone for it?
I can throw in something else if u need :3

I can do that. If i’m throwing in the IV stone i definitely want one that has a nature that doesn’t lower sp. atk tho if that works for you. not gonna be too picky about it.

Ok yup that works for me. It may take me around 10 mins depending on if luck is on my side. I’ll lyk when I got it.

I was trying to do you another and get a nature that boosted Sp. Atk but ofc that failed miserably xD
Does a sassy nature with decent sp atk. IVs d. larvesta work for you?

I also got (yeah I made a lot lol) brave, bold, quirky and relaxed natures, but their sp. atk. IVs aren’t as good.

lmk which you prefer xD

Sassy works great! Appreciate you trying to get a boosted sp. atk too.

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