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Looking for Delta Larvesta

Trading Name: Snipey

Offer: A random Pokémon

Request: Delta larvesta

Further info: I’m pretty new to the game so I don’t really have that many good mons to offer but I would appreciate if anyone could trade me a breedject delta larvesta.

sorry, just got Delta Volcrona, but I will offer a Kingdra…for a Delta Scyther

Can you breed it with a delta ditto?

you can breed anything with Delta Ditto, outside of Unknown Egg Group pokemon.

Can u breed a Delta larvesta egg for me then? I’ll offer you a delta scyther .

I don’t have Delta Ditto. Also I haven’t beat the game, I just traded for the Delta Volcrona, I’m looking for the armor right now

That’s okay but the armour is postgame.

I know that. I mean I’m looking for people to trade it to me. I also do Shiny Hunts for people, for a price. Speaking of which, want a shiny? I’ll do it for your starter.

I’ll have to think on it. What’s the price?

Do you have discord?

yes, I can be on later…but we’re not allowed to talk about this outside of the Insurgence Discord, remember. Also, what’s your team right now?

Delta blastoise and blitzle. 1 badge but I have an alt with 6 badges if you need anything specific.

I’d trade you any Delta you want as long as I have it and don’t use it in exchange for Delta Blastoise.

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