Looking for delta Glalie

Trading Name: DjairoH

Offer: Delta Blastoise, lvl 46

Request: Delta Glalie

Further info: Trying to complete my pokedex

If you only need the Dex entry can I send it to you and you can send it back?(in a few hours, I’m not home atm)

That’s alright by me, not to sound impatient, but what’s a few hours?

One hour from now


@DjairoH Hey I have a Delta Glalie I can hook you up with one.

While I appreciate the offer, I really only need it for my pokedex, which I already decided I’d trade with cow. So, thanks for the offer, but no, thanks

@DjairoH No, seriously I don’t need it…Just take it xD

Well, if you’re sure…

Can you trade right now?

I can trade now

I guess we’ll trade then

your tradename is Cow538 right?

Yeah, it is. What is yours?

Also, could you send me delta frosslass (if you have) so we can both benefit?


and of course i’ll send D. froslass

We trade on your go.

alright, go

Try again in 5 seconds

It says you exited

weird, for me it says you exited, try again?

go now

@DjairoH You there?

Alright, now tradeback. On your go