Looking for delta febaas/milotic

Trading Name: IamDasGoat

Offer: Message me for what you want

Request: Delta Febaas/Milotic

Further info:

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do you possibly have an IV stone? i have a good nature/IV one i can trade for it :))


I have one. I dont need anything so just give me a trashmon

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Hey I just picked up an IV stone when are you available to trade.

Hey when are you able to trade

sure, I’m ready now!

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ok just send me your trade name

its hulaunicorns. im online now :))

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got it? and thanks again :))


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no problem

can I trade it back to you so i can get the milotic (I have the cleanse tag)

Hey can I trade back the feebass so that i can evolve it (I have the cleanse tag

you can use the Witch Doctor in the Black Market. She automatically evolves it for your for free

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I did not know that thanks

no problemo. enjoy man :))

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