Looking for Delta Ditto

Trading Name: Jquiggles 2 (in game name proxy)


Request: Delta Ditto, does not need to be any EV or IV special thing

Further info: i just dont like using traded pokemon and want to be able to train up my own of the deltas. Thats really it

delta dittos are once per save, and are found postgame too. usually if someone is going to trade it, its for another d. ditto to use for masuda method. I suggest not waiting for it, as it is very unlikely someone will give you one for free

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Ahh, didnt realize they were once per save…
itd be nice if a bunch of the fun deltas werent trades… im very adverse to using traded mons.

Thank you for informing me!

ah yeah i get it, but there are a ton of postgame quests (including the d. ditto quest) that you can breed your own deltas for, as pre-e4 is only like 60% of the story. you can use all the mons up until gen 6 so you can still complete the game without any deltas, if it annoys ya too much. good luck with the rest of the game!


Thanks for the good luck!
I guess im just frustrated with my delta scyther, hahaha.
Its really the only trade mon im using, but i really adore it (also adamant)

I’m getting rid of a Delta Ditto cuz I’m deleting a save file and don’t think anything should be wasted. My game is about 90% complete, so if you want anything, I can help.

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Ahhhhh!! Thank you!
How exactly do we go about trading ?
i havent traded before in insurgence

ayy damnn lucky you! (thanks ezla for helpin out xD)
you trade by clicking the link icon on dexnav and registering an account. Both you and the other person must be online and must send a trade req for it to work. Also i suggest putting the mon youre trading at the front of your party, as you are not able to access the PC there either


Can I get your delta hoopa? Please?

What nature? I haven’t caught one yet so tell me what nature, and I can farm it.

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Any nature. Just the Hoopa. Thank you so much! The problem is, I cannot pay you now. Can you give it to @thePotato? I will get it from him. And tell me what you want for it!

My pc is broke and it will take me some time to fix it. So kindly give it to @thePotato and I will pay you when I can.

An IV Stone for my other acc would be helpful, tryna max my other save’s IVs, still need 24 and am currently grinding for them.

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Done! You got yourself a deal!

K, what nature would you like?

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You have literally saved my team! Thanks a lot!

What nature Hoopa do you want? or I can just find a beneficial Nature.

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Rash would work but anything you can do I will accept because it’s not every day someone gives you a D. Hoopa!

Rash? not Modest? ok! One rash D. Hoopa, comin right up!

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You are amazing!! Also, does it come with the cloud bottle?

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