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Looking For Delta Charmander

Trading Name: SwaggerTom

Offer: None

Request: Delta Charmander (not picky about nature, but preferably one that doesn’t lower either Atk or Sp Atk :] )

Further info: Mainly looking for an extra Delta Charmander someone might have lying around since I chose Eevee and would like one prior to end game. Don’t have anything spectacular to offer since I’m just past the second gym, so thank you ahead of time for anyone that considers helping me out!

I have a lax nature Delta Charmander that I can part with. However, can I ask that I have a Delta Ralts in return? It’s the only delta that I knocked out and I’m trying to complete the pokedex. Unless you want to keep your ralts, which in that case I’m fine with getting anything :]

edit: just realized I knocked out delta grimer too so if you wanna give me that instead that would be great

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