Looking for Delta Charmander

Trading Name: FartFacePinguin

Offer: Mostly junk, really + A delta squirtle.

Request: Delta Charmander, even an egg of it would be totally fine.

Further info:

Hey there, I bread a level 1 Delta Charmander for you and it also has some nice egg moves. Tell me when you are online and are ready to trade.

Sorry for the late reply! I’m online now, so whenever works for you


I think I offered the request and you need to accept

Oh, I’ve never traded before. Where exactly do i go to accept a request?

Not really sure… give me a minute to find out

I think this should work…

Go to your menu then click on “Dexnav”. When the blue bar appears at the bottom of your screen click on the second to last one that looks like a power cord. Login (or register), then click “Trade” and type in ryguyreiser for who you would like to trade with. Fingers crossed this works

Thanks so much!

No problem. Thanks for the squirtle!

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