Looking for delta bulbasaur or delta squirtle

Trading Name: Leilan

Offer: any pokemon that can be bred

Request: delta bulbasaur or delta squirtle

Further info:i just want to finish my pokedex, thank you

I can breed you a Delta bulbasaur

Perfect, what do you want in return?

I dunno, you have a Delta riolu?

yes, i can make a baby


Ok, when can you trade?

It’s done, when you want

In a minute, forgot to make the egg, oops

ha ha, no problem

I am done

good, trade name?


Send me again

Did you safely receive it?

Yes, thank you, pokedex is finally complete :wink:

Enjoy, unfortunately I don’t have a Delta squrtle so you gotta ask someone else

no problem, i finished league rematch, i’ll have one in erebus city

My game glitched and Damian never gave me the egg, hope it doesn’t happen to you too(Make sure to have space for the egg)

Hum, i hope too, thanks for the tip