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Looking for Delta Aron

Trading Name: CaptainSwing2

Offer: Delta Snivy

Request: Delta Aron

Further info: Preferably low level with a nature that doesn’t hinder Atk, sp. Def, or Def. Wanted to train one for my playthrough team and just found out that you can only get it post game :sweat_smile:. I don’t have much right now because I’m early game, but I also have a shiny Caterpie to offer.

If you’d be willing to trade the shiny caterpillar, I can give ya a good adamant nature d. Aron :))

Absolutely. What’s your trading name/when would you like to trade?

Ah, could you possibly do it in about 30mins? I’ve been off my computer for a while lol

I’ll send ya a screenshot when I get back on

Right on. I’m good with that

hows this for a d. aron? I also have a heavy metal (hidden ability) one if you wanna run heavy slam?

This one is good!

alrighty cools :))
i am free now to do it, and my trade name is hulaunicorns. let me know when you’re online

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