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Looking for D. Wailmer

Trading Name: Leilan

Offer: almost anything i have that can be bred

Request: Delta Wailmer

Further info: I killed D. Wailmer so i’m searching another one, i recently finished holon region. Thank you

I have a delta wailmer

Great ! What would you like in return?

I want a HA Venipide or a HA Gligar , but if you dont have any of them just give a random mon.

Gligar with immunity? I have one yes, i’am making an egg for me then i can give you.

Thanks, when do you want to trade?

when i have my egg i will say you then we can do it, i’m making it now


It’s done, when you want, trading name : Leilan

OK. Mine is giannisk

Send me

Is there a problem?

Send me again

Thank you

No problem. Thanks for the Gligar!

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