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Looking for any ruin delta metagross line

Trading Name: platinum5477

Offer: not much, but i do have a iv stone

Request: a member of the ruin delta metagross line with rock head

Further info: i need it for the elite four

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I can help ya! any specific nature or iv’s?

yeah adamant, ivs don’t matter to much

tell me when you are free to trade

alright, attempting to get the beldum

got it! you on?

yes im here

my trade name is Lefishe

wait sorry need to get iv stone

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got it, tell me when to send trade


hey so i know it is hard but could yyou get a hidden ability beldum?

oh yeah, forgot to dream mist it, sorry

its fine i can trade it back

got it, i’ll resend trade

thanks man, your awesome

np, message me if you need any other delta, i’d be happy to get one for ya!

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