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Looking for an Eevee with mega stone

Trading Name: SapphireDraggy

Offer: Shiny Crawdaunt

Request: Eevee, preferably with the mega stone

Further info: Just want it for breeding and for funsies

I have an eevee but no mega stone (sorry)

i can give u an eevee with eevite and also the d-metagross u wanted from the other thread

lets just hope that the trading works this time

yeah…I still haven’t been able to get Sableye out of GTS so if you still want that shiny then you’re gonna have to do the GTS trade, but when you’re ready for the Eevee trade then tell me

im rdy

If your still looking for eevee with eevite i can give you it

I can also give you delta volcarona and some other deltas for the shiny

You there

yes I am, I would like the Delta Volcrona for sure, what other Deltas? I’m looking for Delta Metagross…

Oh hi DrKoolAid

i think i just have found your shiny sableye inside the gts.
i have offered a lv 120 salamence in there for that so just u know.
if im not mistaken your sableye had the nickname “Gold” and had a naive nature (the one i found trugh searching)

yup…I have a Salamance in my party right now, and I have no other level 120s, you do realize this right?

if I try to use that Salamance, it will destroy me

but I will accept for later

have u accepted? i dont know how im sopposed to pick up the sableye

I think you need to go and accept on your side

i dont think there is any option for that
that shiny sableye is probably gone forever

anyways do u wanna have the 2 pokemon in the pics (with eevite) now?
trough normal trading of course

um…I’m fine with that, so the Shiny Crawdaunt for both of them?