Looking for a very good Chatot in game

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: 5IV Deltas and other stuff with 5IVS as well

Request: a timid 5IV Chatot (with boomburst if possible, it is a tutor move) and some help transfering chatotite

Further info: I just wanna see if mega Chatot is good for the early game

you can’t use mega chatot early game until b4 east.

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U think I don’t know that?
Early game doesn’t mean b4 first gym for example
Early game is before the 4th gym for me @JojoBoss247

Yo Gia if u still need it i can breed one later tonight (EST)

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Awesome! I will be sleeping in 2-3 hours btw @BackInBlack

oh ok i might not be able to do it by then, since my main file got softlocked in someone’s base lol and I’m trying to fix it

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Can’t u use the tablet to leave?

wait u can?


im rly stupid ig

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Fun Fact: I didn’t know that tablet could do that and I deleted one of my oldest saves

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It happened in 1.2.3 I believe
I was so stubborn

Grape u ready?

Lol, I will be in 30 mins

um idt i can get on then. when will u be on next?

Either in 30 mins or an hour I believe

yeah i have to have dinner then. can u play at like 9 est?

In 5 hours?

I am really bad with time zones and otherr stuff

yeah 5 hours or so