Looking for a tanky electric pokemon

Trading Name: Derpysaga

Offer: idk your choice (im on 2nd gym)

Request: A tanky electric pokemon and eevee

Further info:Need a tanky electric for gym, like thunderus or something. if not tanky i will train its hp, defense and attack evs if you want it back btw . i need an eevee for breeding, just 1 doesnt matter the gender. (MAYBE eevee mega stone!?!?!?)

rotom wash is decent and if u have secret base u can get eevee there

im on 2nd gym, i know lesss has eevee but i need 6 badges, to get rotom i also need 6 badges for 2nd slot.

@VastExpanse uh can i borrow cause ik you have.?

Ok, I will give my thunderous for a while.

How long would you like it @Derpysaga?

idk how long it will take? maybe like a day?

talk to tvs

tvs? @IndianAnimator


whats that?


interact with the blue tv in pokecenters

dont they just give info
Not anything else @one_above_all

no… they have a small chance to spawn rotom

got one?

nope @one_above_all do i just spam?

Would you like my thunderous now?

Also, yes, you can just spam

yes but you are on too late. i have to wake up early for high school