Looking for a shiny D. Pawniard/Bisharp

Trading Name: Dechozen101

Offer: 25 IV stones, but if you feel like that isn’t enough, we can come to an agreement.

Request: A shiny delta pawniard or bisharp. Preferrable jolly or adament.

Further info: I may offer this eevee instead, but only if the pokemon is jolly. It no longer has the eevite and the pokerus is expired, but I didn’t feel like getting another picture.

It has a jolly nature, perfect physical EVs, maximum IVs in every stat, and hidden ability ‘v’

why would you offer that eevee tho

also i dont think a shiny d pawniard/bisharp is worth 25 stones tbh

I’m going to get another eevee that’s special instead later down the line anyway.

And do you think that I’m paying too much or too little?

too much

If I am paying too much then I’m fine with that. It also means I don’t have to haggle on a price.

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