Looking for a pokemon with frisk and covet/thief

Trading Name: Piggycat

Offer: don’t have anything special, but i can trade any normal pokemon you’d have by the 6th gym

Request: any pokemon with both frisk and either covet or thief

Further info: I need a lot of heart scales and i don’t want to catch anymore luvdisks if possible

edit: not worth another post but if someone could borrow my togetic to teach it nasty plot then trade it back i would greatly appreciate it. 8th gym seems so far away still…

I can give you a Banette with Frisk and Thief for free

would love it!

Can you trade now? I can also teach the togetic nasty plot

yeah I can trade. I actually am not sure if the togetic can be tutored the move now that I think about it, it’s either a tutor move or an egg move. but if you’re still up for it I’d love for you to try to teach it.

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Alright, my trading name is jerewryy

It can learn Nasty Plot! What move do you want replaced?

great! any of them is fine

Are you ready to trade back?

yup! i’ll just trade you another togetic I have lying around. Thank you so much!

No problem! P.S: I gave them both heart scales :wink:

thank you!

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