Looking for a Male Raltz

Trading Name: Epsilon

Offer: Female Delta Raltz

Request: Male Delta Raltz

Further info: I’m trying to get a delta gallade for my elite four team, but I saved without checking the gender of my raltz. If someone has a male raltz they want to trade to me that would be awesome.

If you’re still there I can give you a male delta jolly raltz I have left over from breeding

For delta ralts do you really need it to be male for it to evolve into Gallade? I can breed you one

Unfortunately it must be a male to get delta gallade. Britannia, I’m still interested. What time would be best for trading?

I’m here right if you’re free

I won’t be able to until about 10:10ish (America Central time), is it cool to wait until then?

3 to 4 hours by the looks of things, I’ll try and stay up.

I’m ahead of my schedule a bit, are you available now?


If you are available at 5:00 Central Time (7 Hours from now) I should be able to trade then.

Sorry, I had a long day yesterday. Ready and waiting

Sure, I’m not entirely sure how the trading works but I think I can manage

Judging from what I’m reading, you have to log online via the dexnav ingame, select trade and type in my username.

After that both of you have to press enter at the same time or the other person must press enter within a span of almost 2 minutes after the first one pressed enter. You need to have the pokemon to be traded in your party(preferably the 1st slot as sometimes you may be unable to move the cursor). Edit: This happens rarely these days.

Cool, I’ll start up the game and get ready

My internet is having problems, I have to do some stuff but I should be ready in an hour or so

K, just post a reply in the thread when you’re ready.

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