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Trading Name: james21 Offer: I’m trying to use delta pokemon, but most of the ‘good’ ones are late game. I am willing to give heart scales for pokemon, for I don’t have much. I’ll listen to any trades from fellow people. Request: delta dratini (jolly), Delta Noibat (timid/modest), Delta Metagross spider/ruin (careful, sassy, impish,adament). delta torchic (I don’t know his best nature). delta cyndaquill (timid, modest).

Further info:

I have an Adamant Spider, Timid Cyndaquil and Adamant Torchic.

Really! Would you be able to trade?

Give me a while, I need to breed them. :sweat_smile:

Thanks! Let me know when you are ready. Do you want heartscales?

I suppose a few heart scales won’t hurt. I’m currently trying to get an Adamant Beldum ruin for myself so i’ll throw that in too, it’ll just take a while longer.

You’re a hero sir. Take your time.

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Would you like an HA on the ruin?

Sure! If it isn’t any trouble.

I’m almost done with the spider, just trying to get one with better IVs.

Thanks! You’re doing a lot already!

Alright I’m done. Tell me when you’re ready.

Im ready (IcePrime?)

Oops, I forgot to say my trade name. Yes, it’s IcePrime :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much!

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