Looking for a Good Steel-Type Pokemon

Trading Name: DeltaWill

Offer: Fossil Pokemon Kabuto, Omanyte, Craindos, Shieldon or Aerodactyl Lv. 5.

Request: Any Steel Type pokemon that’s okay, Good like it can fight any Fairy-Type Pokemon

Further info: Most of the fossil pokemon have Nicknames, Sorry about that, I have two Aerodactyl One without and with fly. So let me know if your interested into these pokemon. One more thing, It doesn’t need to be the most rarest Steel-Type that’s shiny, If you want to trade for a fossil pokemon it has to be a Steel-Type.

You can soft reset for a Durant in the Midna Garden Hidden Grotto.

I can trade you a honedge, beldum, lucario or steelix if you’re interested

Get a good Durant from the Midna Garden Grotto, teach it Hone Claws, and put it on a New Moon team.

I have a lvl30 magneton with electroball,thunderwave,mirrorshot and magnet bomb reply if interested

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