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Looking for a good rival

i need someone to keep me on my toes and battle me rather regularly so i dont stagnate with my team so i know that i am getting stronger

I just started out but me and a friend of mine are going through the game slowly but steadily (we are both at 2 badges just now) in about a week or 2 we should be through it. and we both are reasonably competetive with our teams :slight_smile:and i allready got myself a perfect ditto and bred a few mons today, so ill hit you up once we are done! :slight_smile: (if id ont forget :sweat_smile: )


My saves are an Egglocke and a Randomizer, but Maybe i can find a normal gameplay save to use for battle you.
Give me just 1-2 days and i’ll be ready. :slight_smile:

If you want i can battle you, i’m ready :smile: