Looking for a good bug type

Trading Name: SapphireDraggy

Offer: Shiny Sableye, level 21

Request: Any bug type with high speed that knows X-Scissor, level 98+

Further info: I’m stuck on Reukra and need a good bug type, I have one but would like a back-up

does that work for you?

my time zone is +01:00 UTC btw

That’s fine, so for my shiny Sableye, yes? Tell me when you send the request, my name on the trading server is SapphireDraggy, same as here

my tradename is DrKoolAid777

say whenever u r rdy


it says that u r not online

sorry just sent the request, please try again

it still says that u r not online

okay then you send the request first then I will do it

send now, then tell me as it is sent, also I’m a new user so I may run out of replies during this

u sure that u did it right?

heres a guide

I’m in, do you have the request sent?

it says “The user SapphireDraggy is not online” when i send a request

I just sent a request, now try sending

okay, ya know what? I’m just going to put up Sableye in global trades, do it there

dont do it

it is buggy and u wont get it back ever

as you said that I did and then my game crashed xD…brb