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Looking for a Foreign Ditto

Trading Name: Toonpel

Offer: Ditto from Denmark (+4 I think)

Request: Foreign Ditto (not from +4)

Further info: Looking for Masuda Method.

I can, but I won’t be able to until probably next Tuesday

That’s fine, I don’t mind. Thanks for the help! However I’m pretty sure this post will close before then, so how can we stay in contact?

En fælles dansker, hva?

Heh, ja. Rart at se en anden dansker spille Pokémon Insurgence! Jeg går ud fra, at du ikke har en Ditto som ikke er fra Danmark?

Niks, har et par andre trades angående nogle Amerikanske D-Dittoer.

Forståeligt. Jeg håber, nogen gerne vil trade en fremmed Ditto med mig på et eller andet tidspunkt. Held og lykke med dine egne trades (om du så har nogle igang lige nu eller ej).

If you tap on someone’s profile you can send them a private message

Oh okay, thanks. I’ll do that Tuesday then.

I just google translated the entire conversation. That was fun. Anyway, I have a D. Ditto that I can trade. I’m online whenever

Thank you so much, but I’m just looking for a regular ditto, if you have one of those? I would love to trade with you.

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Oh sweet, did you manage to get the trade ban reversed?

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I’m just really inactive supposedly. You have discord? That would be easier.

Yep. Moji helped me get that off.

Hi again, sorry for the late reply. I don’t have discord, unfortunately. But would you still be willing to trade a Ditto with me? If not, I understand.

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Np. I’m still here.