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Looking for a Fennekin or Victini


Trading Name: Ariesey

Offer: Any pokemon

Request: I need a fennekin or victini to complete my team. Could u help me out?

Further info:


Victini is found in the same cave as Mew but only after defeating the Elite Four and Champion rematches.


friend safari slot 2



dont know requiremnets for slot 2 pokemon

i think 6 badges


I can trade you a Braixen, would that be okay? Also, my request would be a Delta Charizardite.


That’s ok, deal! Just Tell me your name and i Will get you a delta Charizard


Umm just to clarify I want a Delta Charizardite, as in the mega stone. Also my name is RaiFennix


I can also trade now.


Do you have discord? Is think that’s more practical than this :wink:


Ok, my discord name is RaiFennix. Number is 0039


Request send




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