Looking for a Feebas!

Trading Name: sterphanay

Offer: 1x IV stone

Request: I’m having really poor luck with catching a feebas, the final pokemon I need for my team! Any Feebas would make me super happy

Further info:

would a modest milotic work? (could do timid too)

this is what i have rn

a modest milotic would be awesome :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to be greedy :rofl:

i’m online right now, since I lost my job with all this corona business

I have a synchro so nature is pretty easy to get for me dw :))

I’m sorry to hear that man, hope you’re able to make do until everything recovers :3

I’m also online and ready now, trade name’s hulaunicorns (in case you forgot haha)

i’m just running to a pokemon centre, I will be 2 minutes :slight_smile:

Alrighty np, lmk when you’re good :))

online :slight_smile:

got it?
thanks for the stone xD

Thank you so much!
And it’s fine for the job! I am technically still employed I just have no money, but I should be on social services in the next week or so, I imagine it would be harder if I wasn’t in Australia

Np hope it helps :))

and I’m glad to hear that you’re not in too bad of a situation at least :3 I feel like employers will understand what happened so hopefully it will work out in the end. Also yeah being in a place that actually kinda understands what everyone’s going through is very helpful (I live in the US and it’s to going well over here lmao)

Yeah it’s super unfortunate that most of our workplaces were closed but we get corona supplements from the government ($1100 per fortnight) and if I get truly desperate I can pull money out of my super (I think you guys call it a 401k???)

But hey, we are living in a significant part of history, I’m curious to see how the world continues after this!

that’s really nice, I’m glad you get some support at least (yeah u right about the thing 401K haha). Also yeah that’s a really positive way to look at it, I hope we’re able to recover (lmao honestly hoping our pres doesn’t do anything stupid) and it’s also nice to see how it brings out the good in a lot of people.

We’ve been watching your government with growing horror honestly :rofl: but I really think this might be the kick in the butt we need to bring more positive changes, clearly only focusing on capitalism isn’t working when stuff like this happens.

I hope things are doing ok for you as well!

oh I bet, it’s super crazy and our freaking gov isn’t even letting us get the ventilators and equipment we need cuz they don’t got their stuff together xD I totally agree tho, there may be a bunch of financial repercussions but it doesn’t mean that you should only focus on that, people need medical support and preventative action even more than that. I mean so far I’m p good out here so we’ll see, thanks xD

Anyways yeah I hope the milotic helps and hope we get to trade more in the future. Till next time :))

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