Looking for a ditto (trade complete)

Trade Complete

Trading Name: Hunter_ Offer: anything really deltas but no shiny

Request: Adamant or jolly ditto or gible (prefered adamant)

Further info:i know i can catch some dittos on the crossroads but im not having luck with good natures or dittos or you can give me a gible since im am trying to breed it.

I can get one for you for free (I’m assuming you’d rather have the ditto?) but in the future, you should probably get synchronizers (pokemon with the ability synchronize) with various natures. If one of these leads the party when encountering a wild pokemon, the wild mon is guaranteed to have the nature of the synchronizer

can you give me one my trading name is in the post and are you sure yu dont want anything :grinning:

Yeah I’m fine it literally took 3 minutes. Can you trade now?

sorry man i couldn’t log on i was in school give my a time you are abelable so we can trade

All day today I’m free (are you still there?)

yes let me get on

im online tell me when you are ready

Ok, my trade name is Cheese555. Type my name in, but don’t click enter yet. Tell me when you’re ready.


Ok click enter in 15 seconds

it crashed my game my game

It says you’re not online… What name did you log into the pokegear with?

Oh ok reopen it and do the same thing. Tell me when you’re ready.

why do i have to count to 15 seconds

15 seconds was just random we needed to click enter at about the same time. Click enter in 5 seconds.

im ready

Ok click enter in 5 seconds from now. EDIT: trade complete


no problem :smiley: