Looking for a Delta Wooper for my playthrough!

Trading Name: Rgdragon7

Offer: Delta Ralts

Request: Delta Wooper

Further info: Just need one for my playthrough, and my tree stump seems to be glitched. Would appreciate any help!

i dont have a delta wooper to trade, but i do have some tips to get it. there are these super specific conditions you have to meet before you get the wooper so it might be that.
1 is that it appears specifically from 12:00 a.m. to 5:59 a.m.
2 is that not all foods attract the wooper. the specific ones are the castelia cone, honey, lava cookie, old gateau, rage candy bar, rare candy (though i recommend you save those), sweet heart, and whipped dream. only candy lures the Halloween pokemon lol.
3 is that if the treat is placed in the truck DURING the time period i gave, you will need to reload the by entering a building or flying to a different city and back.

Its kind of a pain to catch and i dont have any of the specific foods to catch it so i skipped it for now. heres the link where i got all this info from - Vipik City - The Pokemon Insurgence Wiki. Let me know if this helped!

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