Looking for a Delta Squirtle

Trading Name: loqman22


Request: Can someone give me a delta squirtle, no required nature or level, I just want it for the sake of completing the pokedex.

Further info:

i can get you one, just give me a few minutes

Thank you, let me know if you want anything specific for it.

nope, i dont want anything you wouldnt want to give away

ive already completed the pokedex so dont need anything

ok im ready, my trading name is mewman658

Ok I’m connecting my name is loqman22

You gave me bulbasaur instead of a squirtle

o sorrryyy

lets trade again ill give it to you sorry

oh wait its not in my party i am sooooo sorryyyy

Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it.

yeah, and im sorry i had another trade for a bulbasaur going on and i got confused .

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