Looking For A Delta Ralts

Trading Name: BrokenCircuit

Offer: You can ask for whatever, if i have it. I dont have delta Ditto yet so i wont trade any deltas, sorry.

Request: Delta Ralts

Further info: Accidentally killed the one ingame. The gender, IV, nature doesnt matter, I just want one for the pokedex and breeding.

do you have delta squirtle or bulbasaur?

if so ill igive you delta ralts

Sorry I dont have those, and I dont have Delta ditto yet either so I can breed any deltas. I can give you Delta Combee, Delta Phantump, Delta Scraggy, Delta Sunkern or Delta Munchlax, because they can be caught more than once, if you want one of them.

i already have those but thank you anyways

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