Looking for a delta petilil (Fairy)

Willing to negotiate offers

I mean I can giva ya one for free. what nature do you want?

Timid please

Is this fine

if it is fine, what’s your trade name?

I’ll get on now. And I hate to ask this of you but do you have a delta torchic instead or as well? Ive been looking at team options and i think its a better counter for my teams weaknesses

And yeah that works just fine :slight_smile:

well I don’t have on me right now, specifically because I don’t like it’s design but I could get you one once I hopefully finish getting this shiny rayquaza

and also my trading name is froggi_chair

thank you, I’ll just go ahead and wait for the delta torchic if thats okay. I really appreciate it! I can get you a decent IV ferrothorn in repayment if you want

nah bro it’s fine, I like helping out others with breeding mons

thanks, and i want to do the same thing ones i beat the game. My team has a decent amount of dark/ steel/ rock types so I’m trying to find a good counter for fighting types. Thats why I think Dela lilligant or Delta Blaziken would work well

alright bro, are you online rn?

yeah one sec

okay im going to the trades right now

did you get it?

Yeah. Can you message me when you get a delta torchic please?

yeah no worries, as long as I can get this shiny rayquaza

aight, i hope it works for you man

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