Looking for a Delta Dratini and Delta Aron

Trading Name: Phantom123

Offer: i kinda don’t have much to offer

Request: Delta Dratini and Delta Aron

Further info:i really want to use them in my game run.i’d really appreciate it if anyone can trade me them as they are my favourite pokemons

I can offer you one. It may take a few days but I can message you when I have them

Thanks. What do you want for it btw

Anything, just glad to help

kk thanks

Hey I got a question do you have both of the deltas or do you have one of them

I’ve got delta Dratini, just have to get Aron

ok thanks for the help

Hey, really sorry about this but I’m not going to be able to get them for you. It just won’t work for me. I’m really sorry about this.

It’s alright thanks for trying though

Nvm I can do it. Sorry for that I had something but I’ve managed to finish it quickly. I’ll have it for you by Thursday at the latest. i wont be able to guarantee natures either, sorry. i just dont really have time. if you want i could try, but it could take a week or two.

Kk take your time

Do you want me to get a preferred nature?

Nah any will work

Ok I’ll have them by Thursday

K thanks

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