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Looking for a Delta Aron and Delta Dratini

Trading Name: AlexCarter70

Offer: I’m new to this game so I don’t have much, sorry!

Request: Delta Aron and Delta Dratini

Further info: From what I’ve seen, Delta Aron and Delta Dratini are only available after the Pokemon League. I would love to have them before that point, so I would appreciate anyone willing to give me one of theirs very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can get ya both of them with good ivs and nature!

That would be awesome! Just neutral natures will be good.

On a related note, you don’t happen to have a Delta Bulbasaur/Charmander/Deino do you? Those seem to be later in the game than I would like. I only just got the first gym badge.

I have all of those actually

I can breed them after school


If you’d prefer, you could just trade a Delta Ditto additionally to so you don’t have to breed them for me

Nah, I’ll breed em, no worries

I noticed on your profile that you’re from Greece. Do you want to use your time zone when we meet up?

So I have some bad news. I can’t trade because I got banned for trying to use the same IP address to trade. :man_shrugging: Because of that, I can’t go through with the trade. I really appreciate your willingness to help though.

Oh damn, alright

try to ban appeal(idk if u already did this)

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