Looking for a dawn stone

Does anyone have a spare dawn stone they could give me? I’m trying to get delta gallade before i beat the Vipik City gym😅.
I’m isabellebrooksjennings, and it would mean the world to me if someone dropped off a dawn stone in my base gifts. :heart:
Edit:thank you @Ashplayzz1234 for the dawn stone!

I have one. Would you happen to have an Iv Stone? If not, perfectly fine. I can give it to you for free.


Oh, i’m sorry, i don’t have any Iv stones yet,but that would be great! Thank you!


Ok. I will give you the dawn stone. It will be there in about 2 hrs.

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Okay, thank youu, if i ever get an iv stone, you can have it.


So rn, which one do you want? Giratina or mew?

Hey. What is your trade name?

isabellebrooksjennings, why?

That did not work.

Can you create a new id?

How? Sorry, i’m very new to this game lol

Did u get the stone yet cuz if not check ur gift box :wink:

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Yes, i got it, thank you so muchhh

How? It said he did not exist.

No u might have misspelled :smiley:

u on the other hand is does not exist [I don’t know if that made any sense]

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I am online and will tell you my other id.

Hey. I can give the Giratina now. Are you online?

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Ok. The game is extracting and i will lyk when we can trade.

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