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Looking for a cacnea

Trading Name: KKhris

Offer: anything

Request: cacnea

Further info:I have only 2 badges, and no access to varios places in game

If you still need this, I could get u a good natured one for an IV stone or rare candy :))

yes i want that :slight_smile:
i trade for a lunatone with a good nature,what is goodfor him?

oh you want a lunatone w good nature? So you got the cacnea already?

no, i say i will send you a lunatone with the rare candy and a good nature for you
for a cacnea

but i don’t have a idea of what is a good nature for that pokemon, the lunatone

ohhhh ok thanks!

a good nature would be modest or timid, but you don’t have to do that (the rare candy is fine for me).

Would u prefer modest or adamant nature? as in which moveset were you thinking of running for it?
(it has the same stats for both atk and spatk)

I am thining of a adamant nature
I will run a physical mega cacturne

sure! one adamant cacnea coming right up :))

and i try find a modest or timid lunatone here

Is it’s HA (water absorb) ok?

ok is good

i have it


Now, how i make the trade?
I am new here

haha sry I put it in the daycare to try for better IVs, but the egg I got lost its HA :((

Is this ok (It’s lvl 1 but I can get it up a little if u want):

To trade, you go put the mon u want to trade in the 1st slot of ur party, go to the dexnav (d) and click the link icon. Then sign in. Lmk when you’ve done that :))

you don’t needit thanks a lot it is just i advance the game a little to the HA right?
so how a trade with you?i’m nem in this thing

EDIT:i can whrite more só using this só i am ready
p.s i have a ditto too só it just breed again thanks a lot again :)))

sorry, what is your trade name i am trying thePotato, but isn’t working :((]

have fun with this lunatone and rare candy!

I added a how to trade at the bottom of my previous reply :))

So this one is good?

Alright sounds good!

my IGN is hulaunicorns and I’m online now, j send me a req(uest) :))

(both people have to send a request in order for it to work)

IGN means in game name/trade name btw , so do “hulaunicorns” instead :))

It’s not working, lets exit out and try again.

Yayy it worked! Check to make sure it’s what you wanted :))

And thanks for the candy and lunatone ^w^