Looking for a Bagon/Shelgon

Trading Name: KnightofAvalon

Offer: Nidoking

Request: Bagon/Shelgon, preferably male

Further info: I wanted to use a dragon-type on my team, and my current one (Axew) doesn’t seem to have a wide movepool as the Bagon line. Since I cannot obtain a Bagon in the early stages of the game except for the Game Corner (I’m not too keen on spending hours there for a single Pokemon due to my abysmal luck at gacha/gambling related stuff), the only option left is to trade. Would greatly appreciate it if someone is willing to help out!

Sure i can give you one, wich nature do you want? Do you want me to exp train it beacuse they are only 13-14, if so wich level?

One with an Adamant Nature would be great! And yes, just bring it up to the Lvl 30s and I’ll do the rest.

Thanks sooo much! Really appreciate it :smiley:

Let me know when it’s ready

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