Lookin for a Delta Munchlax

Trading Name: Pillo

Offer: Probably just junk, I have nothing good rn, seeing as how I just started the game (I am at the point where we must get the rare stone)

Request: I just started out and saw that It was really cool. If anyone has a spare, it would be appreciated.

Further info: I really want a munchlax seeing as how it is my favorite pokemon, so a delta one would be appreciated.

I had a spare, traded gave it to someone in your same situation already though sorry :confused:

aww man, just try and spread the word I guess, that munchlax looked real fine when I saw it

I think certain moderators will trade one for a shiny pokemon, if you find one of those

naw, just started out on the game, hopefully someone is willing to give a spare

Yeah well if noone has one rest assured that there will be a way to get it in the final game which is nearing completion

yeah, but I’m still extremely impatient, if you do find someone having a spare, please comment on this post or something

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