Look at my team! Any tips?

Hi there ! I’m new and i want to say that this game is AMAZING! So I want you to rate my team and tell me if I need any improvements: :blush:

-Delta Charizard (Delta Charizardite) -Serious nature- Ability: Spirit Call

Dragon Pulse (Dragon) Shadow Ball (Ghost) Lunar Cannon (Dark) Confuse Ray (Ghost)

-Feraligatr (Feraligatite) -Naughty nature- Ability: Torrent

Ice Fang (Ice) Surf (Water) Thrash (Normal) Crunch (Dark)

-Delta Gardevoir (Delta Gardevoirite) -Docile nature- Ability: Lightningrod

Thunderbolt (Electric) Ice Beam (Ice) Calm Mind (Psychic) Shock Wave (Electric)

-Bisharp (Rocky Helmet) -Brave nature- Ability: Pressure

Custom Move (probably Fighting to cover weaknesses) Iron Head (Steel) Swords Dance (Normal) Night Slash (Dark)

-Delta Roserade (Leftovers) -Hasty nature- Ability: Heliophobia

Dark Pulse (Dark) Lunar Cannon (Dark) New Moon (Dark) Moonblast (Fairy)

Tyranitar (Tyranitar Armor) -Serious nature- Ability: Sand Stream

Crunch (Dark) Thrash (Normal) Stone Edge (Rock) Earthquake (Ground)

And that is my team, as you can see my favorite type is Dark. And this team is based on the Dark and Ghost type moves. Any tips ? :slight_smile:

Thanks and Bye ! :smiley:

If you ask me, you have the best team of all of the team suggestions here. Just try out the Pokepon for better natures.

Thanks :slight_smile: I just caught Thundurus and I might use it instead of Delta Gardevoir. Also my favorite pokemon is Absol and maybe I could use him ? I don’t know if there is going to be Absolite. And yeah I will change natures. What do you think ?

Solid team for a themed team :slight_smile: only thing i can spot is no counter to a fighting type, maybe squeeze in a flying type move just to get some coverage, a strong fast fighting type could steamroll you xD i would get a flying move on the DChar in place of Lunar cannon (cos its not a stab and it would be the most durable against one)

keep only one pokemon with mega stone. if you are not using D.char as your primary mega then remove lunar cannon.

Thanks for your replies.

Thing is that I actually wanted to say that the Custom Move on Bisharp is Psychic, but I somehow said it is Fighting, lol. And btw I have Thundurus, could I use him instead of Delta Gardevior ? :confused:

My main mega is D.Char so I will keep that since my team is themed.

Can you suggest some items to use for these guys ?

The best team, is the one you enjoy the most.

I highly recommend you to catch plenty of Ralts with synchronize if you are planning to change any of the Pokémon in your team since it seems to lack in terms of natures. In case you didn’t know you can use the Ralts to find wild Pokémon of its nature, making hunting really easier.

That only applies to real battling not for in game/story mode battles in my opinion. Most of the times you will only use a single Pokémon in battles which means having multiple mega stones can be really helpful in case you want to save some tiem since you can also switch items before every battle.

You should only have one Mega Stone equipped at a time. If you go with M.D.Charizard, don’t use Shadow Ball, as it is weaker than Lunar Cannon and shares the same coverage. Maybe try Freeze Dry.

For Feraligator, its Mega is sort of lackluster to a Sheer Force + Life Orb variant. For that, keep Ice Fang, replace Surf with Waterfall, keep Crunch, and Thrash is okay, although you could use Superpower. You want to catch a Female Sheer Force Croconaw in a Friend Safari. To get Waterfall, chain breed Waterfall from Seaking to Mudkip Line/Relicanth/Any other Pokemon in both Water 2 and either Monster or Water 1 egg groups and then to that SF Croconaw. Train it up and give it a Life Orb.

For D. Gardevoir, even if you use it as your Mega, keep Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. Calm Mind is okay for it, but I’m not sure how you have Shock Wave. If you mean Thunder Wave, then keep it. If you mean Shock Wave, replace it with Energy Ball, Focus Blast, or Moonblast. You could run Life Orb, Expert Belt, or switch Calm Mind out for a coverage move and run Choice Specs. Leftovers is always good too.

For Bisharp, you may want to breed for Sucker Punch from Cacturne/Croagunk/Spinda instead of Night Slash. If you do breed, you could get Psycho Cut as an egg move as well instead of the Custom Move. The item is fine, but Leftovers or Life Orb are also good.

D. Roserade is a bit frail, so you may want to use an ability capsule to change the ability to Shadow Dance. Also, Dark Pulse and Lunar Cannon is redundant. I’d switch one out for Lovely Kiss or Air Slash/Hurricane for your Fighting weakness. You could keep the leftovers on D. Roserade or switch it for a Dark Rock.

Tyranitar is fine, but you may want to Tutor it Stealth Rocks instead of Thrash. The Tutor is somewhere in Selene City, as far as I remember. Armor on Tyranitar is amazing.

Since you mentioned using Thundurus instead of D. Gardevoir, it would be fine. I’m not sure what to run there, but perhaps Nasty Plot, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, and maybe Hidden Power or Psychic. Other options include running Livewire. Again, Life Orb/Leftovers.

Totally agree :wink:

Wait, can I change natures with Pokepon ?

Okay, so Lunar Cannon. Okay I think I will do that to improve that Feraligatr. Well I still don’t know if i’m going to use D.Gardevoir or Thundurus, but if I use D.Gardevoir I think I’ll use Thunder Wave or Moonblast. Hmm, maybe I’ll consider breeding for Sucker Punch. Yeah, I actually changed Thrash for Stealth Rock(s). If I use Thundurus (most likely), maybe Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Psychic and Crunch (or other Dark-type move), probably Leftovers.

Also I was thinking should I use Absol (my favorite pokemon) since he is pretty good with Sucker Punch, but his defense is poor. And there might be M. Absol later in the game.

Thanks for your replies.

You can yea, but it might take a while :smiley: if ur lucky you’ll get one turned shiny too :wink: If you’ll be running Thundurus instead of DGard, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt are a must, and i actually like the idea Zeph put in, focus blast, would never have though of it but combined with nasty plot + life orb, it would be stupidly powerful, but if you want to keep the DGard, for that 4th pick i’dd def go with livewire to combo in with the stealth rocks.

And i understand your desire of a a M Absol I CAN’T WAIT :smiley: love it