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Longest Hunt on any pkmn game?

what was your longest ever shiny hunt? I’ve been hunting victini on and off for about 2 months

Mine was masuda method hunt shiny aegislash, took like a month and a half until I gave and decided to use friend safari instead

Took like 1 and half weeks with safari so it took like 2 months in total

I forgot what it was but I remember the dreaded weeks (I think 2) of hunting. I felt so relieved when I got one but quickly stressed out since I thought of the possibility of not being able to catch it lol.

I hunted for shiny sandlie for 3 yrs on black and got it after 9000 something eggs on sun.

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Jesus Christ you are one DEDICATED shiny hunter @Firefiber7333339 . 3 FRICKEN YEARS

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I hunted on fucking citra and did not know you cannot trade on citra.

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I shiny hunted for an Eevee on Pearl using Masuda Method… for 3 to 4 years before I finally got one after I don’t know how many eggs.

OK WHAT THE F***. DO YOU GUYS LITERALLY NOT HAVE LIVES???!? Why are people so dedicated?

it’s most likely an on and off hunt lmao, they most likely don’t grind it everyday

for example, it took me about a month to get shiny rayquaza, doesn’t mean I spent everyday hunting for it


Well I was shiny hunting my aegislash everyday cuz … Well, I dunno actually

No. I continuously hunted 6 hrs every day.

ok, thats a bit odd, but I respect the grind ig

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Jesus Christ

I did like 2 hrs max a day

I have stopped hunting ever since that. I will never hunt again.

But this game is a MUST for hunting.

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So I will try.