Loaded my old save and still stuck on E4. Tips?

So I haven’t played insurgence for a while and still can’t beat e4. Here is my set.

Swap camerupt for a starter

My starter is lvl 104 ;-;

Is this a Delta-only run?

no, just a normal one. I was told that these pokemon were good to fight.

But now that you say it I just noticed all of them are delta. Not paying attention I guess.

If you’re fine with not having all Deltas, may I suggest replacing Camerupt, Magmortar, and Bisharp? Gyarados with a moveset of DD, Taunt, Aqua Tail, and Custom Move Grass can delete 2 of the E4, and Scizor or Excadrill are generally good versus their teams. If you’re using D. Snorlax, a Bulk Up Drain Punch Seed Bomb Earthquake set demolishes certain members, and having either a strong Fire like D. Chandelure or maybe Delta Haxorus (make sure to get Aqua Jet before evolving it) with dual priority in Aqua Jet and Bullet Punch is very helpful.

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Thanks a lot, I will try it out.

Also, the reason I have camerupt is to destiny bond last resort. It works sometimes but not very useful.

Crappp I remember now my team used to have delta medicham with its good ability should I swap anything out for that?

If you run Scizor, Gyarados, and D. Garde, D. Volc. D. Snorlax, that is a good mega, just make sure to give D. Garde a Choice Scarf.

I dont have its mega, someone traded it to me. Sad…

It’s kinda meh otherwise, and I would give the mega to D. Garde or Scizor.

Ok probably Scizor
I dont lie D Garde too much…

If you don’t want D. Garde, regular M. Haxorus is good, or M. D. Scizor is also good.

I will use Mega Delta Scizor then

Also, I have a D hax and im using it right now? Any tips on a moveset?

Do you have Aqua Jet?

opk figured it out

Is it a tm or is it level up