Little glitch in the Darkrai cult base

in the room with the cutscence, if you use Seed Flare on the poison in that room and surf, I am able to bypass the event trigger. some of the cultists there don’t have collision, So I’m able to walk right through them and get to the top with the cult leader…Very Trivial, as you can just go back down to trigger the needed event.

Here’s a video showcasing what exactly i mean:


Question is, how do you have seed flare at the beginning of the game?

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They are not at the beggining at the game. From what I see, they are pre dream realm

oh… looks like, she’s about to begin the sacrifice and mew is behind him

Yes, pre dream realm, and mew is the front of my party because its my best member atm


oh sorry, thought it was the beginning, yeah mew is pretty good